Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Library Month

Start on 19 March 2012 until 13 April 2012 , our librarians of Intesaber will work hard to do the best for the library month . All activities have been told to all sports house and on this holiday , everyone were preparing for their part in library month that will be coming soon .
   List of the activities :
   *spelling bee
   *table note
   *scraft book
   *Power point presentation
   * "teka silang kata"
   * "hikayat 3 kepala"
   *guess who i am?
   *public speaking
   *family day(just for librarian)
   *debate BM
   *debate BI
   *story telling
and another more activities ..
so , to all librarian , you must prepare yourself , physical and mental .
last word , make our mom #Miss Chien# proud of us .. .. ..